Due to popular demand, we have added pepper spray to our line of products.  ASP
Pepper Spray is a top name in the field of defense products, with ASP being a top
supplier to police departments and agencies around the world!
The ASP Defender Series is precision machined from high strength aerospace aluminum. They are lightweight,
low profile, easily carried and devastatingly effective. Bright dip industrial anodizing is accented by an injection
molded Delrin safety. The solid brass key ring swivel retains two heat treated, black chrome plated split rings.
Both the dispersion tip and retention cap are o-ring sealed.
The safety is positive and secure. Release requires two distinct movements. Straight line activation places a
cone-shaped spray on target . . . even in the dark. It provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin
Capsicum protection from
replaceable aerosol Inserts. On a heat scale, that is 25 times hotter than Tabasco
Habanero sauce -
Imagine that in your eyes!

ASP Palm Defenders are available in a variety of finishes.
Pepper spray will be shipped UPS
Ground only.  No sales allowed to
New York or Massachusetts.
Palm Defender with OC Heat Cartridge, Gold $29.95
Palm Defender with OC Heat Cartridge, Red $29.95
Palm Defender with OC Heat Cartridge, Violet $29.95
Refills are now available!
  • Heat Refills!
  • Test inserts!
Palm Defender with OC Heat Cartridge, Blue $29.95
Palm Defender with OC Heat Cartridge, Pewter $29.95
Test Inserts
Part of a good self defense plan is practice.  With the test inserts, one
is able to test the Palm Defender to see first-hand the effect of the
powerful, conical blast that is generated.  Test inserts are sold by the
ASP Heat Refill for Palm Defender $8.95
ASP Test Cartridge for Palm Defender $8.95
Heat Refills
We recommend that the refill is replaced after any use, or after a
period of one year.  This ensures that the potency and OC level is at
a maximum.  Heat cartridges are sold by the each.  
Safety is disengaged with a
simple push of the thumb...